Optimization & Engineering

Realize your vision: Practicality, innovation, and long-term flexibility.

Our vision rests on four pillars: physical plant, process, technology, and practical operations. We are the only single-source partner in the industry for facility and gate system design, construction, operation, and maintenance. When we’re involved in a terminal’s design and construction, we use that expertise to become an ideal long-term partner for operating and maintaining the facility.
Traditional Engineering Services
Whether you need to design a large, fully-automated terminal or construct a custom private terminal, REMPREX is the right choice because when it comes to automated gate systems and transportation terminals, our engineers are the best in the business. They apply their hands-on experience with the daily operations and requirements of freight transportation facilities to every project in order to craft the most efficient solutions possible.

No other company encompasses as much experience with design and construction of terminals and automated gate systems as REMPREX. We can deliver:
  • Terminal & AGS Design
  • AGS / Buildings / Pavement and Roads / Track / Utilities / Electrical and Telecommunication
  • Overall conceptual design
  • 10-100% Detailed engineering design
  • Construction Management
  • Project Installation
  • Commissioning & Testing
  • Bid Management
Terminal Optimization
By combining empirical data, modeling and simulation, and subject-matter experts in operations and design, REMPREX provides leading consulting services that create optimal layout, processes and operating methodology to meet capacity, efficiency, service, environmental, and safety goals.

Leveraging our internal team of data scientists and analysts combined with 3D modelling and our business intelligence platform, REMPREX can perform what-if analysis to provide predictive outcomes, define performance expectations, and subsequently measure and monitor actual performance under live operations to help identify further optimization opportunities.
Our transportation-minded engineering team delivers practical and innovative optimization solutions to meet your current and future capacity.
Operational Evaluations
  • Terminal capacity analysis
  • Capacity modeling
  • Bottleneck analysis
Process Stabilization
  • Evaluation of process variability
  • Identification of effective process controls
  • Implementation strategy
Resource Evaluation
  • Time studies and performance evaluation
  • KPI development and recommendations
Infrastructure Strategy
  • Evaluation of existing infrastructure
  • Development strategy for investment