Achieve your operating objectives: Safety, throughput, security, and visibility.

REMPREX uses industry-leading and innovative operating processes that deliver the highest levels of safety, efficiency, throughput, security, and visibility. We effectively combine on-site and off-site workforces to create a balanced approach and provide full facility operations.
We handle everything on-site, allowing you to focus solely on moving freight.
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Intelligent Lift Operations
Intelligent Gate Operations
Equipment Maintenance & Repair

Intelligent Lift Operations

We provide intelligent terminal operations that optimize fluidity, capacity, service, and safety. Our technological expertise and decades of operating experience enable us to create ideal, real-world combinations of people, processes, and smart assets to deliver levels of productivity and service never before seen in our industry. REMPREX Intelligent Operations is a comprehensive approach that modernizes existing terminal operations to maximize safety, productivity, and cost savings.

In the past, operators only had access to terminal operating system information, which completely left out important data like financial information, equipment status, and employee performance. To fix this, REMPREX and its partners created a comprehensive collection of intelligent plugins that work with our platform to provide a live view of operations performance.

Our next-generation intermodal operating platform pulls data from independent sources (like the railroad terminal operating system, financial and HR systems, and our intelligent plug-ins) and uses live modeling and forecasting technology to enable management to make optimal, informed decisions more quickly.

This web-based platform can be accessed securely from a PC or mobile device. With Intelligent Operations, decision makers in day-to-day facility operations have real-time empirical information from every function of the terminal at their fingertips.
We use a visual management philosophy based on immediate knowledge of operational status to act quickly on your potential challenges.

Intelligent Gate Operations

In addition to traditional on-site operations, REMPREX offers remote gate operations of the highest quality. No matter what you need, we have a solution for you.
REMPREX delivers a more consistent gate experience defined by precision, efficiency, and service quality.
The culmination of multiple efficiency initiatives, our gate operations use improved processes, redundant networks, and new remote-management technology like driver self-help kiosks to deliver better service at a lower cost while improving terminal safety.


Using proprietary technologies, we consolidated our workforce into one command center and add new sites for a fraction of the cost of a traditional operation. REMPREX staff in this command center can concentrate on the AGS workload to efficiently complete tasks while the on-site labor force is free to focus on system uptime and customer service. This inherently-flexible workforce easily handles daily peaks and lulls without the need to staff full shifts at each facility.Only REMPREX has the experience, expertise, and redundant networks to handle the complexities of centralizing a workforce without sacrificing customer service or risking the failure of technology.


In 2007, REMPREX launched the first remote AGS operation in the industry, and since then, we have perfected the concept. Helped by our technology and data interpretation capabilities, each year our centralized 24/7 Remote Operations Center (ROC) handles more than a dozen terminals and facilitates over 13 million gate transactions while maintaining full visibility to all areas involved in the gate process, on-site operational fluidity, and site performance.

Equipment Maintenance & Repair

In order to keep your terminals running optimally, we offer convenient maintenance and repair services. As part of these services, REMPREX can leverage technologies used in other areas of our business to capture damage more easily and quickly to ultimately control your costs.


With the 2021 acquisition of Technical Services International (TSI), Hubert Line, and Hubert Rail, REMPREX has become the leading intermodal lift equipment maintenance and service provider in the U.S. Class 1 railway sector.

As the premier equipment maintenance provider to the intermodal industry, TSI Mechanical has the best technicians to support your equipment. Whether it is yard tractor maintenance, lift equipment, or roadability, we use our telematics systems to monitor equipment condition and address issues before they become major downtime events.

With years of experience in the railroad, industrial material handling equipment maintenance, and port industries, REMPREX and TSI have the knowledge, experience, and resources to keep your equipment operational and your facilities productive. There isn't a machine that we can't maintain.
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